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Tai Chi in Plano at the meetup intensive training sessions

A real workout

Everyone is learning that training at the meet up intensive is just that.  Intense! Thursdays at the Plano location provides the opportunity to participate at whatever level you are at and provide a challenge.  The environment is intimate with special thanks to the traditional Chinese Dance location at K Ave. north of legacy. By utilizing two studio areas and keeping both spaces active the Wujido students if they are able can train for extended periods and with one […]

Wujiquan: the magic and the mystery

Sometime in the past; a very long time ago, before the Shaolin of the Tang Dynasty, the Hong and Choi of the Qing, and long before the modern era of spectacular Wushu tricks and performances of the Mao era there was the devastating and profound art of Wujiquan. At that time they called it Wuyi, deep in the recesses of the past on ancient Chinese battlefields bathed in blood and glory. Wujiquan was the modern name coined by the honorable […]