Update concerning Facebook Fraud

Alert Update

Facebook has removed the Fraudulent Profile used to set up the FAKE wujido pages.  Facebook has a history from day one of promoting criminal and tortuous material against wujido and its representatives.  They have relented on the fake profile but still have not restored full functioning of all the main pages.

No one is allowed to post on the Wujido@jetsunguru, Tai Chi Dallas, or WujidoInstitute@longmenxiongdi pages.  If you see a page and people are posting on it, it is a FAKE page and is being used to fraudulently defame the wujido brand and the teachers who are part of the brothers. Such a fraud would have the purpose of directing sincere followers away from the teacher and his assistant teachers in order to promote a small group of unscrupulous and dishonest teachers, who may in fact be behind the fake pages (this could not be determined as Facebook would not provide authorship…meaning Facebook was doing it probably.)

An egregious and notable substandard school is Johnny Lee’s White Leopard who had applied for a position to teach under Dr James ELLIOTT Harkins Jr PhD MMA 10th Dan in early 1990s after moving back from Louisiana (after being forced to leave the Dallas Area prior to that).  He failed the interview and the skills tests and frankly shook like a little girl.  I have always been kind to him and supportive but recently he sponsored a Fraudulent page claiming to be the Grand-master of Wujiquan..  Johnny could not have a clue about wujiquan, does not know its syllabus or any method or routine in the training.  Dr Harkins developed Wujiquan in the early 1970s after training with Chen Laoshi father of prof Chen employed at the University of Illinois, Urbana.  That was the beginning of the research of more than 25 years and still on-going.  A set of exercises.  Wuyi (the former name) was already dead and buried and no Shifu here or abroad had any consideration and 99% of them did not even know it had ever existed.  I resurrected it and reconstructed it using scientific, historic, and demographic research.  I also renamed it Wujiquan and registered the terminology and all related terminology at the very time I determined to make this my life’s work.  (I knew to do this because I had been an entrepreneur since age 14 and was already wise in the ways of business long before I joined the commerce department as a student (at the University of Illinois)  My research habits were well established long before I attended university being a scholar in biblical science, self taught learning 8 languages and becoming expert in the fields of etymology, linguistics, historical reconstruction, philosophy and so forth.

Wujiquan covers an infinite range of material impossible to encompass with a single person which is why I have assembled a group of “masters in training” not only teaching the art but how to continue the legacy and research according to a particular method. That association is called the Wu Chi Chuan Athletic Association and the recognized Da-Ge are the LongmenXiongdi. This is a status arrived at through many years of effort and not a club you can join, you must be invited and approved and tested.  Our cannon includes a Kungfu Oath to a virtuous lifestyle of right action, right thought and so forth.  We adhere to the FOUR PILLARS:  Courage, Compassion,  Self-Restraint, and Non-Violence.

Wujiquan in general predates all other styles of Chinese Martial Arts and is a battlefield “Kungfu” with hints of it still extant in the PLA today.  Our research is limited in historical span starting with the Former Han (@200BC) extending through the Ming Dynasty as a limit.  The syllabus is arranged in numerous fields of methods; the 48 linear Styles, The Wang method of Ying-Jiao, Combat rapid Suai-Jiao, Nei-Gong and Wei-Gong training, Gold Bell, 4 main weapons, Strategy, Martial prose and poetry, Combat and self-defense methods, Baji, BaGua, and so forth.  The 4 main weapons are sword, saber, cudgel and spear.  Other specialized weapons are investigated for their specialized utility such as the Da-Dao, the Bian-zi and so forth.  No silly routines, just profound and principled Tao-Lu (Forms and Methods) covering every aspect of the art in systematic detail.  There are many tao-lu and no one knows them apart from the Great Grand Master and his students at various levels of development.  Both in Beijing and Tianjin they had made attempts after the masters multiple visits this was in the mid 2004-2008 but failed and gave up trying to re-engineer Wujiquan and instead chose to incorporate many of the principles of Wujiquan and so the new Wushu evolution over the time period of the last decade incorporate many of the Wujiquan principles he passed on to the higher ranked department heads when visiting Beijing and Shanghai.  Dr James ELLIOTT Harkins Jr PhD MMA 10th Dan is the soul and only lineage holder and the only living grand master of Wujiquan.  Anyone else claiming such position is a liar and a fraud.