Update concerning Facebook Fraud

Alert Update

Facebook has removed the Fraudulent Profile used to set up the FAKE wujido pages.  Facebook has a history from day one of promoting criminal and tortuous material against wujido and its representatives.  They have relented on the fake profile but still have not restored full functioning of all the main pages.

No one is allowed to post on the Wujido@jetsunguru, Tai Chi Dallas, or WujidoInstitute@longmenxiongdi pages.  If you see a page and people are posting on it, it is a […]

Meditation for Concentrating Spirit and Vitality

This teacher was approached with a request for a teaching, a teaching concerning the way.  My way is not the way of a single path as all systems of discipline borrow from each other and weave a different cloth according to words and traditions of their tribes and nations.  Therefor a knowledge of every path seemed the most logical for this journey with a reverence for all paths reflecting the truth of self as there is no knowledge beyond […]