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A short biopic of individual spiritual evolution

To be honest, this teacher is nothing, I surprise myself constantly with what I seem to know about things.  There is a reason for it but these matters are deeply personal as certain things about ourselves we cherish and keep private.

We all begin our journey in this life at birth and we possess a body, a soul, and an immutable “spirit” or self that is beyond cognition and referred to by many names, none […]

Meditation for Concentrating Spirit and Vitality

This teacher was approached with a request for a teaching, a teaching concerning the way.  My way is not the way of a single path as all systems of discipline borrow from each other and weave a different cloth according to words and traditions of their tribes and nations.  Therefor a knowledge of every path seemed the most logical for this journey with a reverence for all paths reflecting the truth of self as there is no knowledge beyond […]

The Supreme Path

Reaching the highest level in Kungfu

What is the supreme path of disciples?  How does this pertain to the practice of kungfu? When we practice martial arts, kungfu, karate, even Tai Chi how is this relevant for our consideration?  This is clearly an important consideration as anyone who has participated in the deeper things of kungfu or karate knows that a great many of the highest ranked masters are also proficient and even expert in the fields […]