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Coming soon to the House of Wujido are new instructional videos and articles that will be posted soon and in a measured fashion on the Wujido News website (  Some will be posted on YouTube and will replace the rather primitive videos and relatively low resolution, that exist on the website at this time.  It has become clear that so much of what was presented is so out of the mainstream view,advanced, and without explanation, that many individuals inexperienced in martial arts became puzzled and have odd responses based on their own experiences. I possess many well hidden secrets known to very few and Wujido is not particularly interested in passing on those secrets to individuals that may misuse them or throw these pearls in the mud and turn on those of greater integrity and sincerity. But we do want to provide solid information for those with sincere desire to learn.

Why has there been a delay

We have a separate video provider for the Wujido News website to avoid publishing on YouTube certain things. Those items that are training intensive and we believe can upgrade anyone’s skill set who is training in martial arts and wants to improve their game can and may be published in part or in whole on both. Be patient as there are many additional computer intensive skills necessary of which the teacher during his lifetime, being in a different field of study, has to on the go in order to bring a better quality to the articles and videos to the public. This takes time.

What to expect

Our videos and articles will answer general and specific questions and comments made in my email box as well as progressively more advanced techniques and methods, writings, poetic and prose training verses as pertains to both martial arts and yogic disciplines.  I purposefully removed all permission for comments as I am not really interested in feedback from trolls seeking attention.  As these are purely informational, people should make up their own mind and if truly interested they can email me personally with legitimate questions and inquiry and I will do what time permits as far as making a response. Emails from YouTube will reach my inbox but I cannot and will not respond to them.  If a person passionately disagrees then that person should go through the effort and trouble to do their own video response and make their case.  This way they can take responsibility for their views.

To what purpose?

My goal is to bring the truth based on my views and research and experience about martial arts, Yoga, Meditation, Qigong and other issues.  My views are based on my teacher’s training and philosophy as well as my own scientific, rational, historical, epistemological, and methodological approach.  My approach is fact based, method based and not dogmatic. I have a saying I borrowed from one of the greatest Buddhist minds in the history of Tibetan Buddhism. He said and I agree “there is no truth apart from technique”, as such I question everything, research everything, and do nothing and teach nothing that is not founded upon this principle, I question everything and avoid philosophical dogmatism and base my findings on research and historical fact which is often at odds with the common narrative.

It is true and is a fact I that have accumulated scores of certificates, diplomas, and awards, genuinely earned high ranks in martial arts given by genuinely high ranking masters, committees and so forth; 10th Dan, 9th Dan, 7th Dan and so forth, most notably receiving rank recognition from my teacher of many decades Dr. David Brownridge and others.  In truth I possess so many it would fill a complete wall and still have a box filled next to it, USA Martial Arts hall of fame, Stanford University Who’s Who and government certificates and awards also among them. I am genuinely humbled by this and always try to be worthy of the recognition.  As for the internet filth that disparages accomplishment.  I am comfortable with being the least of these if that makes others happy. Such is the internet of things.

Dr. Brownridge 9.27.04My teacher and master instructor in his youth

Dr. David Brownridge 10th Dan PhD MMA

  • 10th Dan Shudokan Karate
  • 10th Dan TaiWeiGuoSu Wushu
  • 10th Dan Jujitsu
  • 3rd Dan Judo

My truth is that with more than 45 years of constant study and training in yoga, meditation, linguistics, ancient manuscript translation and textual criticism, Biblical, Buddhist, and Taoist scholarship, epistemology, hermeneutics, alchemy, Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Wushu,TCM, Qigong, bone-setting, and many other complete systems of martial arts not included in my list by name, including the study of thousands of publications, histories, grammars, manuscripts, even in the 1970s personally translating ancient MSS and scrolls at the U of I library vault at the Champaign-Urbana campus as being one of my pastimes prior to attending University. This self-education I value more than anything else and far outweighs in my estimation the dozens of certificates, diplomas and awards I have received over time.  Because in my view mastery is always self-taught and one cannot achieve it by taking lessons from someone, or reading a book, any book.  Mastery must be earned.  One should not be deluded to think otherwise.