Correct Methods for training Punches for precision and power

Punch_01The Three Basic Punches Method

The three basic punches form the foundation of the Wujido Style.  To remind the student the Wujido Style is popular nomenclature for a unique Shaolin form made up of several Shaolin Styles from the early periods from the 15th and 16th Century primarily with methods and trainings from the original Shaolin period of the Sui and Tang periods.  There is no attempt to modernize the art with the various performance grade wushu styles which are both athletic and beautiful but of no interest based on the Wujido Institute’s principles of practical research and methodology.  For those who have interest in memorizing some of the Chinese nomenclature the formal name of the art that is shown here is called the Wu Xing Ba Fa Liu He Quan meaning the 5 animals 8 methods 6 harmonies fist.

Those who have extensive experience in researching styles in the various historical periods will recognize the 6 harmonies principle that is a unifying thread among certain profound internal martial arts such as bajiquan, taijiquan, baguazhang.  The unifying principles have gained extreme favor among the high ranked class of wushu masters in Beijing and elsewhere as the principles of 6 harmonies is a compelling argument for powerful and athletic performance of form (taolu).  We agree.

The various punching methods are here presented in video form in the following short excerpts from an half-hour video for brevity and ease of examination of the various forms.  Each can be observed and replayed over and over again to compare one’s practice with the examples given.  All skill levels vary according to rank, the higher the rank the better the performance.  In the Wujido System the ranking system is extremely rigorous and does not follow the common and modern example of quick and superficial promotions but follows the classical and what we call “old school” approach. Each rank is hard won and earned by means of effort and determination.  This is of importance if you, the student wish to excel in the the deep kungfu of this martial art.

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