Young Tigers

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The Young Tiger Program

Young Tigers is a group that was founded in 2002 specifically to address the aspirations and ambitions of the Wujido youth.  The training at the Wujido Institute is quite disciplined and rigorous but at the same time fun and full of interest for most of the youth.  As time passes with each new accomplishment in technical expertise and rank a Young Tiger finds new meaning and greater benefits that spill over in his day-to-day life; at home, at school, at church, at play with his or her friends.

Taking part in the group the Wujido youth make fast friends and find that the boys and girls taking part in a life-changing and life-enhancing discipline make better friends, more honest, more reliable, more ethical, and more respectful.  They are taught at the outset to observe the superior qualities that define a life worthwhile such as compassion, courage, self-discipline, and non-violence; to give and receive both respect and dignity to all persons no matter what their background.  They are encouraged to show deep and sincere respect for their elders and of course that includes their parents, their teachers, and of course those at the Wujido Institute as well.  Respect and discipline on the training floor is good practice for real life.

Ranks are earned with hard work and dedication to a goal. Thus each rank earned is a real accomplishment that can bestow upon the youth a real sense of accomplishment and appreciation for what it takes to gain mastery of anything. 

To master one thing is to understand how to master anything.