Meditation for Concentrating Spirit and Vitality

This teacher was approached with a request for a teaching, a teaching concerning the way.  My way is not the way of a single path as all systems of discipline borrow from each other and weave a different cloth according to words and traditions of their tribes and nations.  Therefor a knowledge of every path seemed the most logical for this journey with a reverence for all paths reflecting the truth of self as there is no knowledge beyond self-knowledge as all cognition has its origin in the mind.

Seeking thus, there is no requirement beyond authentic being and sincerity.  There can be no dishonesty when looking inward nor can their be a spirit of fear of what we will find.  Truth is our loadstone.  Which can only be found in our authentic being.

“Beloved, do always remember, there is no truth apart from technique”

Thus begins the instruction on concentrating spirit and vitality

“Where is the mysterious Gate and where can I find it?”  The Mysterious gate exists in space.  It is not within nor is it without but exist nontheless.  Try and hold it and it will elude your grasp, only through release can one find it.  It is not light nor is it the result of humors of the body, it is without substance but all substance is supported by it.  It is the root of the human tree. If this gate is not found and the practice mastered it is in vain to seek the amrita of life within.  Abandon any thought of the Dantien at the navel as taught by ignorant fools, if you begin your journey there you will arrive only at base animal nature and there is danger you will lose your way giving reverence to the altar and not the most high.

This instruction shall be provided in 10 stanzas and without further explanation beyond a few words of comment. Learn these instructions and commit them to memory.  refresh your recollection by reading them before practice.  If your practice is meager your progress will be meager, if your practice is prodigious, then shall your progress be a mirror of your efforts.

All that is known has always been known and all that is said has already been said.

Thus it is said…

  1. The practice of Nadis (nerve plexis) and Prana (Qi) are the quickest route to attainment.
  2. All Nadis have their roots in the spine
  3. Practice should be daily, short sessions in the beginning
  4. Before you have realized primordial truth boast not of your sublime philosophy.
  5. Before you can explain the profound teaching be not beguiled by partial knowledge.
  6. Before you can master all virtues and practices consider not leaving your Teacher.
  7. Purification of intention will occur over time. Concentration on the ancient cavity will concentrate the Spirit and bring release from baseness.
  8. Concentrate on the mysterious gate.
  9. Relaxed Concentration holding without effort.
  10. Dharana is the mind fixated on a particular point in Space.

Take care, the method for finding the mysterious gate is set here plain for you to see