Meet the Good Teacher

   Dr Harkins 9th Dan


Meet Dr Harkins 9th Dan

Dr. Harkins (Grandmaster) 9th Dan is the Headmaster and founder of the Wujido Institute. His background is multifaceted spanning a great many disciplines from youth onward. In his youth his athletic training included gymnastics, trapeze, sports, wrestling, track and field, football etc, all of which he excelled. Academic and scholarship activities include both university and private studies; inclusive of 12 years of biblical science studies of ancient forms of languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Phoenician, Chaldean, Cuneiform, Latin and more, along with extensive study in textual criticism, biblical MSS construction, hermeneutics, occult and esoteric sciences and so forth. His studies allowed him to engage in extensive study and research in Old and New Testaments in the original language of Hebrew and Greek, as well as translate ancient texts and even a 7th Century Vellum scroll courtesy of the University of Illinois providing access to their precious manuscript and rare book vault which is located at the University of Illinois Library complex in Urbana, Illinois. Dr. Harkins  continues to apply the very same rigor, learned from years of rigorous discipline applying scientific methodologies in his own private research to the esoteric and historical Chinese systems of Wushu and Yoga giving Dr Harkins a unique ability to see through the fictions of mythology and break through the tyranny of consensus views to gain unique and profound insights into the ancient disciplines of both martial arts and yoga.

His Early Years

His Yoga training began with Mantranjami; under the supervision of Mahaji he learned Secret Mantra, Mantranjami, Pranayama and the main practices of MahayogaChara were set in motion with the special instructions first received by initiation at Bradley University in Peoria, IL in 1968. All of this set the tone for esoteric studies in relation to biblical science and linguistic research. His martial arts journey began one year later in 1969.  All total he has 44+ years in the esoteric arts of Chinese Kungfu, Mahayogachara, Chi Gong, Meditation, Japanese Bushido up to and including the present. He began teaching in 1983 in Arlington, Texas later holding small classes in both Arlington and Dallas also teaching Yoga and Meditation to special students. In 1992 Dr Harkins established the Wujido Institute in Dallas, Texas and has been holding classes both private and public since that date.  Wujido Institute is one of the oldest, ongoing martial arts educational facilities in Dallas.


His Body of Work and Accomplishments

With regard martial arts studies Dr Harkins 9th Dan has trained in more than 80 sequenced set routines of various length and difficulty representing both the Internal and External schools called Taolu and Kata of the Chinese and Japanese Systems of Martial Science.  In addition he as developed and invented more than 25 additional sequenced routines kata/taolu representing both the Internal and the External families of Chinese Kungfu as well as synthesizing both the Japanese and the Chinese systems in unique forms of fighting method. He has trained under the supervision of Dr. David Brownridge 10th Dan for virtually the entire time, but also with various other masters in specialized training and organizations receiving numerous high Dan rankings severally as well as recognition as Shifu and later as Shiju standing recognized by several national and international bodies including the United States Martial Arts Association (Illinois), Global Union Martial Arts Federation, K.I.K.A/K.B.M.A and others. He received his first 9th Dan certification on the 29th of May, 2004 under the auspices of the Global Union Martial Arts Federation. In the Asian/European continents he received his 9th Dan recognition under the auspices of the K.I.K.A/K.B.M.A the World Martial Arts Alliance, September 20th, 2004. He became an United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee in 2004 in the category of Chinese Wushu and on the 6th day of June, 2007 Dr Harkins was recognized a second time for his accomplishments in Wujiquan, Taijiquan, and Wujido, many awards and certifications follow including Stanford University Who’s Who, Texas Businessman of the Year and others. Dr Harkins has a 31 year history of teaching both beginning and advanced students, and has taught many hundreds and thousands of students. This also includes many high Dan ranked black belt holders, experienced Kungfu practitioners, mixed martial arts players, ex-secret service and FBI members individually, special forces and other professionals who have sought out his special skills and knowledge.