Wujido 101: Powering up your Front Heel Kick

How to practice a front heel kick

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This form of practice utilizes the 5 section method integrating also two additional aspects to the player’s training regime.  One, the development of posted up strength and balance for the platform leg and two, extending and stretching with power to both extend the range of motion of the kicking and posting leg as well as powering up the joint to prevent injuries from explosive extension of your kicks.

Add to this the additional work with the lead leg variation it is an exceptionally viable and efficient way to train the front heel kick.

Always practice with a clear mind and focused attention to detail so as to not develop bad habits which can hinder progress and be the source of future injuries due to sloppy performance of technique.

The four basic kicks

This front heel kick addition to the previous three articles on the basic kicks conclude the section on kicks for the novice.  It may be true that some have practiced and performed kicks for many years and found themselves frustrated and not being able to increase either speed or power and in fact found their kicks to be not particularly effective and without stopping power.

Now with the training method here outlined in the articles for the Side Kick, the Round House Kick, and the Front Kick the player now has a method that will work for a life-time and as long as the method is followed and approached with seriousness of intent and perseverance in the practice through care and repetition, then there will be no limit to the improvement in the kicking ability; the power, precision, speed, and control necessary for real time kicks.  Whether you are a practitioner of Kungfu, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Tai, or any other method this practice will serve you well.