Shaolin Animal Style Play

It is somewhat rare to observe animal styles in action.  It is difficult to use in competition because the rules prohibit many of the maneuvers as they are conceived and applied in real-time.  It is even difficult to demonstrate in sparring as the moves are really quite devastating if used with power and contact.  Thus the need for strict regulation and so that injury does not result.  the power and effectiveness is difficult to comprehend to the uninitiated as they will not understand how the power works; but tiger tears and rips, snake crushes and penetrates, leopard leaps and rolls attacking the lower parts with vicious attacks, dragon claw attacks nerves, and crane floats and seeks the high ground.  The highest levels are so subtle and nuanced it is difficult for an outsider to even understand what has been done.

When sparring with the animal styles the student is following a very strict and complicated set of rules and works closely with his partner to coordinate balance and achieve the upper-hand without harming his partner otherwise each exchange would result in a serious injury.

The following is NOT a choreographed fight scene.  It is entirely Improvised on the spot and videotaped for the purpose of displaying the wide range of techniques and methods including sweeps, throws, joint-locks, strikes and kicks from unusual positions that is all a part of the uniquely effective animal style kung fu.  It is not a competitive sparring style designed for point sparring, full-contact karate, or even MMA but is designed to provide devastating and extremely effective real world means of self-defense.