Song of the 8 methods

Song of the 8 Methods

This has been the history of many inner schools.  By providing guidelines in the form of poetry and song these provide a convenient way to memorize the instructions.  Often also the instructions given in this way are also made obscure in order to dumbfound the ignorant and course individuals who often pollute the martial arts world.  By providing riddles and metaphors in the form of song and meter it is possible to pass along extremely deep and profound teachings that can only be understood by and mastered by the most intelligent and dedicated practitioners.  Is this the reason or is there another?  In any event, such is the history of orthodox Wuyi (wushu) and is still in practice today.  Those MSS that exist are prized above all others.

Those who have wisdom will come to understand.  Fools will look and immediately fly away.

This is the Song of 8 Methods


Standing straight with head-top high

completeness is determined by the hair pushing up through the hat

Vitality extends upward from origin and through the crown

Carrying with it the light energy which hovers above the top of the head

Extending the spine both upward and down  contains the roots of 7 cities containing hills and valleys

a 7 rooted tree leaning over the path to the great city

warp and woof wrapped 3 times times 3

urging upward a coiled snake rising

Rising out of the great sea with scales

Twin peaks sink deep in the caves

Find the crevice where strength and will come to meet

climb the twin hills pounding the stones into dust

finally resting in the deep parts hidden under the hills

look near the valley spirit where the ledge runs down

Like the stream seeking the lowest place

The plain of contention requires a firm and level field

Two pillars bowing to each other at the edge of the sea

One firmly in land the other in sea

Each drawing life and breath from both

Sea and mother

The center of action is always the hub and place of non-action

Open and closing is everywhere apparent

The chamber of the heart is open and released

The mind observing nature and reality

Always Heaven is everywhere up

Earth is everywhere down

Each has a direction with the origin being unknown

Although 10,000 things differentiate they are also one