Tai Chi in Plano at the meetup intensive training sessions

shoulder strokeA real workout

Everyone is learning that training at the meet up intensive is just that.  Intense! Thursdays at the Plano location provides the opportunity to participate at whatever level you are at and provide a challenge.  The environment is intimate with special thanks to the traditional Chinese Dance location at K Ave. north of legacy. By utilizing two studio areas and keeping both spaces active the Wujido students if they are able can train for extended periods and with one on one coaching and participation. So too the Taijiquan class goes in seperate classes so individuals can participate in more than one class going from beginning to intermediate to advanced with the master teaching every class and giving directed guidance at all levels of study.  Yes we also have extended Wujiquan training as well.

The Plano area

This is the first of the many locations planned going forward so individuals from various towns and cities can take part in authentic and superior training in the profound arts taught by one of the highest ranked masters in the world.  This is your opportunity to train with the lineage grandmaster of Wujiquan, the founder of the system based on the Original Chinese kungfu style called Wuyi in those bygone days.  It is the warrior arts.  The study is vast beyond the abilities of a single person and as such the master is eager to train individuals in the profound aspect of this rare and powerful art.  There is no other place to train the authentic system of Wujiquan.  You who seek to train and understand Tai Chi (Taijiquan) the master teaches the oldest form of the Yang family style which is the 3rd generation when the style was fixed in the form most famous for its power and health benefits.  Master has 39 years of training and experience in Tai Chi under 6 masters which includes training and correction from the Yang family, the source; and various styles of Tai Chi; however master teaches the Yang family believing the 3rd generation Taijiquan is most profound and he teaches the entire system; long boxing, sword, saber, push hands, spear, and double sword.  This is an enriching opportunity for anyone and a guarantee they are learning the correct and accurate form and authentic method and not a watered down popular version.

Wujido (5 Animals 8 Methods 6 Harmonies Shaolin Boxing) is a profound combination of 6 of the oldest Shaolin systems of ritual exercise and traditional Kungfu thoroughly covering the famous animal styles and opening up their secrets to the public.  Many secrets are already virtually lost; but not here.  Powerful strikes and kicks and also methods of self-defense and inner Qi (Chi) development are included as a matter of course and syllabus.  Careful, systematic, and meticulously accurate and thorough and also in every aspect safe and health promoting providing an intense effort molding one’s physic producing a powerful, agile, slimmer body and a focused mind.

We want to hear from you

This also means current students, alumni and anyone wishes contact us with their own suggestions for meetups

We are taking suggestions for opening meetups in your area.  If we have enough interest within a radius of 1 to 10 miles from a central location a meetup can be opened in your area conveniently located for you.  Wujido has received much attention internationally and that includes China whose interest in Wujiquan is growing more and more and so several masters have taken up the research due to masters many visits to Bejing and demonstrations there with fellow wushu professionals.  It is our intention to train and develop individuals from around the world who can contribute to the development of Wujiquan which is why we have founded our international branch. Wujido International.

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The students of Wujido are international and growing all the time in numbers and in knowledge and skills.  We are unique in that we create ourselves so Join us. We invite you to participate in our choosing the next new meetup intensive.

What we need from you…

  1. What day (other than Thursday) is your preference for training
  2. What area code do you live or work nearby (1 to 10 mile radius)
  3. phone number or email


There are three ways to vote:

  • The first is to email the above information (and of course any other question you have) to info@wujidomartialarts.com
  • and the other is to txt (and TXT ONLY) the following number (469) 434-9954 You must include the 3 items   *please do not call this line, txt only (for ongoing students only)
  • call our 800 line at 1-888-201-0087 at any time and leave your information and suggestions at the reception desk.