A short biopic of individual spiritual evolution

To be honest, this teacher is nothing, I surprise myself constantly with what I seem to know about things.  There is a reason for it but these matters are deeply personal as certain things about ourselves we cherish and keep private.

We all begin our journey in this life at birth and we possess a body, a soul, and an immutable “spirit” or self that is beyond cognition and referred to by many names, none of which are able adequately to clearly define the exact nature of what I speak .  In the time of youth before the age of twelve there seems to be a time of profound intuitive experience that we as adults either leave behind as mere memories and/or conversely there are other experiences that shape our lives and cause some to pursue truths revealed in those moments of profound inspiration.  In such things I am no different from any of you.

As my progression would have it since a young age, certain unique dreams visions had impacted my experience of mind.  This was not received well by parents or authority.  At or about the age of baptism into the Southern Methodist sect of Christianity I began speaking up and giving trouble to my church .  I even managed to get kicked out of a Sunday school class for describing God as…

I live in the west so it would be logical for me, if I am truly serious about things, to devote myself to the study of biblical science, hermetic, theurgic, alchemical, historical, and epistemological study systematically focused on acquiring whatever light was available through such study.  This I did, until one day in the Classics library at the University of Illinois (I believe it was around 1978) as I was pouring over the HD photographic plates of the Vatican 1209 MSS from which our New Testament scriptures are translated; I stopped, stared for an indefinite period into the distance and then closed the tomb, stood up and left the library never to return again.  Prior to that were many highlights during my studies at the University which included translating a 7th century Vellum Scroll of Solomon’s Ecclesiastes (located in the vault room at the U of I library) as well as spending years studying diligently the 40 years of publications of the Semitic language journal covering all scholarship of Jewish, Biblical, and Rabbinic knowledge at the time.  I became convinced there is no enlightenment in books.

However, years prior to this, I took my first initiation at age 17 in Peoria Illinois at Bradley University from a swami under his master, a Bhagwan whom I never met and cannot relate his name.  The system was mantranjami and was the first introduction to the mystical yoga of sound.  As my interest would allow I made a systematic and comprehensive study of all mantranjami systems available, resulting in comprehensively studying several systems under numerous masters.  I completed the four symbolic initiations: Vase, Secret, Wisdom, and Symbolic which confers the privilege of practicing Mahamudra and have trained in this for more than 33 years possessing the lineage key instructions. There are secret training in the whispered lineage and I cannot speak of these. Those that regurgitate whatever information they might acquire are helping no one.  We earn the right to learn.

My training has included initiation in the White Tara Tantra and other training under a master Rinpoche in California and other training in the system taught by Kalu Rinpoche and various secret tantra of which I am not at liberty to provide more information by oath.  However, I will teach you what you need to know and as always, you are wholly responsible for your own advancement.  I am nothing.  I bring only method and whatever is true that I have learned and you have earned the right to learn.  This means I will never tell you everything. It also means certain things you must learn for yourself.

There is more, a lot more…but I do not feel free to share any more than this.  From time to time I will recommend reading material or write about things that should expand your understanding of the path.  This path for me has a few basic concepts.  One of the more important rules that I follow is the rule that “there is no truth apart from technique.”  Don’t be misled by philosophies or words, not mine, not anyone’s.  What I mean by this is that words in and of themselves are empty.  As such their nature is to deceive and obscure the “truth”.  Although words are necessary there is a zen saying that comes to mind whenever I bring up this subject and it goes like this.


“It is not necessary to become enlightened, only to cease having an opinion.”


I like to add my own phrase and it goes like this…


“If you are going to have an opinion it should not be someone else, but be your own.”


Together these two ideas should protect you from being easily misled.

I expect that for some of you there are ideas, concepts or even reference to things you do not understand as yet.  This is understandable.  I try to write things down in words that are clear and easy to understand.  So I will write articles that are for the purpose of gaining an inventory of more technical understanding of certain concepts that will be required to advance in your personal training.  Some things are necessary, some are not.