The Supreme Path

Reaching the highest level in Kungfu


What is the supreme path of disciples?  How does this pertain to the practice of kungfu? When we practice martial arts, kungfu, karate, even Tai Chi how is this relevant for our consideration?  This is clearly an important consideration as anyone who has participated in the deeper things of kungfu or karate knows that a great many of the highest ranked masters are also proficient and even expert in the fields of meditation and yoga.  The Supreme path is a philosophy of practical application of the arts of contemplation and concentrated mindfulness coupled with a strict ethic of morality and strict body regulation that accompanies such deep and enduring practices of the highest forms of martial art.

So it is reasonable to at least learn of such things either from an academic point of view if not for those aspects that are practical and even personally transforming. It is not necessary to believe in or join some kind of cult (which is the worst thing one can do for achieving a high level of attainment) but for the purpose of knowledge, acquisition of advanced methodology and self-healing as well.  The Supreme Path of Disciples from which the main text is drawn from has to do mainly with the practice of self-discipline, meditation and directed self-development.  To be sure it is not a western method but it; meaning the sutra from which this message is drawn, is extremely enlightening as to meaning and method of practice and much of it can be adapted to suit a western mentality with a little openness to the concepts therein seeing that many parts are quite agreeable and other parts are clearly of a foreign culture and likely would not bare fruit if one tried to implement the strategies due to their completely foreign cultural content and might not even have relevancy.

So it can be safely understood to provide a method by which a person can remove those qualities and characteristics unwanted and at the same time provide a framework to cultivate highest virtue and spiritual courage and strength to do the impossible and avoid flaws and non-virtue in our body, speech and mind which possess the capacity to stunt our development and that keep us from achieving that which we know in our heart we can accomplish.  This is not something that someone else can do for us.  We must do it ourselves. The vows and promises we make to ourselves when we enter into any path of great and profound personal development are nothing more than the very tools we require to forge and create ourselves by providing a template to train, discipline, manage, and transform ourselves through our  body, speech, and mind so as to re-create ourselves into that which we most deeply desire to become; if this be a spiritual quest or one of developing a deeply rooted focus on those things we deem most important in life.  Most of us believe in our hearts that we have always known we are capable of such but as we are human, it is often difficult to attain what we feel within we are able to achieve.  I would add however, it is not sufficient to make excuses for ourselves as advancement toward perfection can be obtained understanding that a bowl can be filled to overflowing with one grain of rice a day.

Recently we sent out the invitation for 3 new brothers to join the association of Wujiquan in which we together do our best to apply the supreme path not only to our martial arts practice but also in the development of our selves. We do this through internal kungfu practice, hard work, discipline, focused attention to the minutest of detail in the deep subtlety that is the Wujiquan, Qigong, as well as many ancient and esoteric and yogic type of practice not to mention also very healthful practices.

We therefore want to congratulate those three men for their good sense and dedication as well as determination. We welcome our new brothers and challenge them to reach the highest levels of the martial arts, a peak of development rare in actual practice and unique in that few reach such heights, so much so that very few can even fathom or recognize it when they see.  It is said in olden times, “only a master can recognize another master”.