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Online Training in Martial Arts has arrived


The Wujido family now provides the martial arts community, both the beginner and advanced practitioner with articles, online training, media that is designed to deepen your knowledge and perfection of the most profound aspects of martial arts of any style from the perspective of one of the highest ranked masters in the world.  Fundamentals are the foundation upon which mastery is achieved.  Without fundamentals mastery is a pipe dream, a specious claim and a delusional dream.  Cart-wheeling about and flailing about wildly is for movies.  True martial arts is precision, power, high mastery of the technology of the art, spiritual bravery, courage, compassion, enlightened mind, a profound and enduring grasp of all aspects of the art including performance, application (at progressive levels from basic to very advanced application), the internal aspects of mind, spirit, and endurance in practice. Do not deceive yourself, mastery of the fundamentals is the necessary condition to true and profound mastery of kungfu, karate, jujitsu, judo, tai chi and in fact any martial art that exists in this world known or unknown. This is not done by copying the moves you see on TV or video.

Wujido International has now established a format upon which we place, on a systematic and timely basis, (meaning new articles and monographs on a weekly basis) articles and training monographs and from time to time master classes on video, eBooks (in the process of being composed at this time) forms (Kata, Taolu etc.) with extensive and deep explanations of the most minute nuances often hidden from the public and never passed on to a learner but unfortunately in this cookie-cutter world where cultural distrust proves that whether a Chinese or Japanese master, there is always the impulse in them to hide certain important secrets.  The honorable master is of the opinion that there really are no secrets, but they are often well hidden, sometimes right in front of you, and the path to knowledge is often so obscure and circuitous, that not one in ten thousand ever even find the truth and not one in a hundred of those who find it will know exactly what to do with it when they find it and then there is the matter of being able to master the method once revealed to the learner.  The honorable teacher has trained and studied more than 45 years and always on the path of knowledge, of perfecting and researching even to this day without stop and with the same intensity as at the first; with an open mind without prejudice of style or method. So those of a particular opinion or style of martial arts can relax, master sees much benefit in all styles. His experience in teaching since 1992 includes teaching and supervising more than 17,500 classes inclusive of more than 350,000 students, and this is not his total experience, merely counting from the time he opened his first institute in 1992 when he started keeping records on all classes and attendance.

Included on this website are numerous FREE articles, some with very universal and deep content as you will discover when taking a tour around the website and reading some of the articles.  The value of this knowledge is without price and when applied to our lives can produce exciting and transforming results.  Any subject concerning martial arts and the related philosophies connected to the eastern world and those traditional systems of martial arts such as the many styles of kungfu and Karate. articles covering both Wushu, the modern terminology for kungfu in China today, and Karate often revealing here-to-for, unknown truths and dimensions often exploding modern myths of and about the arts as well as exploding common misconceptions that are diametrically opposed to the facts, such as the real origin of some styles of kungfu and karate well researched and backed by facts that are simply not what the crowd believes since their understanding even in the martial arts world is often superficial.  Training articles about Mixed Martial Arts subject matter that will provide effective and enlightening insight into methodology, safety, speed, power and so forth.  Best of all, there will be articles teaching online the matchless arts of Wujido (Its Chinese name is Wuxing-Bafa-Liuhe-Quanfa), 3rd Generation Yang Style Taijiquan, and the incredibly profound and amazing Wujiquan.  The training and teaching leaves almost everything else out there on the web in the dust, humbly acknowledging the skill and learning of some very fine teachers we have known. Finally the sincere student, the curious investigator, the already experienced student has real help not only in a general sense but also in break-down of method and technique that for many will get them unstuck from their level and help propel them higher and higher.  that  proud to announce the beginning of a systematic online training program to serve the general public and also those hundreds of students past and present who have repeatedly requested some way to continue their training online.  The program is at the beginning stages at this time and will have weekly contributions of lessons going into fine and necessary detail to assist those sincere students to train accurately and with confidence.

What to expect is the following: within a day or two of launch systematic learning materials have already been provided.  A rough draft table of contents was written initially to provide an indication of the general direction. My student and friend Richard will from time to time visit the sight and make new links to the table of contents so it will be edited and made more useful over time. Ultimately there will be hundreds of training monographs constituting a comprehensive master text of great value in the main styles researched. Articles with images, photographs, even unique freehand illustrations by a famous well-respected Beijing artist and painter who has agreed to provide such as well as calligraphy examples of key concepts and so forth; there will be very detailed instruction on how to train a particular technique in the best and safest way with sufficient detail and clearly explained so one can either learn a technique, or take a particular technique they already know to a much higher level of precision.  Thus benefiting beginners in martial arts but also those are more advanced but their schools left something to be desired as to complete and truly accurate teaching as is often the case in the commercial schools.  Sometimes a person in martial arts simply learned incorrectly and because of the pain or injury of incorrect method quit practicing which is more common than one might guess.  Here is a chance to pick up where you left of and go forward. The training articles are STUDY articles, not meant for speed reading.  One should read and reread the explanation of method to make sure they grasp the contents fully and then attempt to emulate the method consistent with images or photographs if they are deemed necessary for the lesson, and follow carefully the written instructions.

Almost every week a training monograph or article and sometimes several will be posted.  Those articles are there always but also they will from time to time be updated.  Certain subject matter is, like always in the sciences, constantly being researched and tested and reconfirmed and as such articles are updated for that reason as well as when the honorable teacher deems the same thing can be explained even more clearly or additional information is deemed relevant to the article.  Keep this in mind and although it can be fun and exciting to sit down in a evening and try to read all the articles on the sight, which will soon be impossible.  The material is meant to go through it slowly and thoughtfully even taking the time to TAKE NOTES and outline some of the more valuable aspects as pertains to you and keep those in your own personal training journal which you should already have and if not, you should start one immediately.


Welcome to the Wujido Institutes Online Training.  Now you also can join the many who have already signed up and begun to train as an online student of the Wujido.  If a subject matter is deemed important to you if you are an online student he often incorporates answers in his weekly lesson and article updates.

We here in the Wujido Family wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy training with us and in the future join our waiting list for a seminar in your area.